“Dream of Dreams”

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

I throw rose upon rose on ocean tides

Provided I don’t take long walks off short piers

For ears listening, I whisper in the wind with a visual of the moon

“Soon I shall live again!”

This is the dream of dreams

It seems that reality has forced a sort of neutrality upon me

Wanting nothing more than an assured distance

To live in seclusion

Truth is that prostitution has become the newest state of affairs

Where selling yourself is more common than being fair to yourself

I wish health, wealth, and prosperity with clarity

Staring into the eyes of an ideology that excludes many

Pennies never validated my existence

Yet, this is what society holds dear

Fearing conformity

I implore that it is more important to swim up stream than rolling with the tide

Define your own direction

Pressing against such a tide, you may be able to find the very roses I throw

In hopes that you at least see petals that stem from a certain beauty

To truly dream



Dennis Wayne Eason (Merc/Mercutio)

I am a 32 year old poetry writer that has been writing for 24 years (since the age of 8). Writing is my passion and I hope that you enjoy my life's work! Peace